About Us

If you’re a student or parent that would like to ask questions or communicate with others involved in this project, you can find us on telegram by joining our telegram group. Telegram Group

We are in the process of forming our learning center in order to train our kids in skills they will use the rest of their life. Along the way we’ll be learning History, Art, Math, Science and all the other elements required by our current education system, but instead of focusing on testing and covering huge amounts of material that the kids will never use, we’re instead focused on the kids having fun and learning new valuable skills.

As an example: Instead of forcing the kids to sit through 8 long years of English classes, we’re going to be teaching them reading, writing and speaking skills through other projects. We’re only interested in breaking down sentence structures where it will aid in a child performing real world skills, not just for the sake of doing it.

We’ve also written a book, in the link above, that will describe in more detail what we’re attempting to create and we hope that you’ll join us in this project. We especially hope your kids join us along the way and help make the projects more fun and enjoyable by offering their opinions on things they like and don’t like about the projects. So create your login today and get started learning.