Computer Hardware Requirements

In this post we’re going to continue to update a list of hardware requirements you’ll need to have in order to follow along with the projects we’re doing. Each project in turn will contain the hardware requirements used within that individual project.

Raspberry Pi 4 : Would recommend at least 4GB model $55

Keyboard and Mouse: $19.99

Monitor if you don’t have one $139.95.
Note: You need at least a 1024×768 resolution in order for some websites to display properly like the site. Also, we’ll be using a screen like this to build our computer box which allows 1 box to hold everything you need to start working.

Sensor Kit: $55
We use this kit for some of our projects and you don’t absolutely need it. We’ll post links in each project of places you can get individual switches and things which will be a lot cheaper although it will take more time to order individual components.

HDMI Cable and ends
Adapters: part numbers 1528-2376-ND, 1528-2370-ND, 1528-2362-ND

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